Rob B’s Polo Harlekin


Owner Name(s): Rob B.

Base Color: Flash Red


Location: Lower Saxony, Germany

Mod List (if none just put N/A): 
-FK Suspension, 6N2 Mirrors (Left EU, Right UK)
-6N2 Windshield and Rooftrims
-BBS VZ003 Rims, partly painted Interior
-Custom Steering Wheel in OEM Design
-DEPO Powerlook Chrome Headlights
-Clear Side Indicators from Gen. Golf 4
-Hella Magic Color Tail Lights (Blue)
-Votex Rear spoiler with 3rd Brakelight
-ETON Subwoofer and Hi-Fonics Speakers with a Pioneer BT Radio
-Deleted Cigarette lighter and replaced with multiple USB ports and Voltage Display
-Coming soon: Rieger Frontspoiler

Social Media: Instagram – @unleashed_713

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