Travis Rock’s Polo Harlekin

Owner Name(s): Travis Rock
Base Color: Pistachio Green
Location: North Carolina, USA
Mod List:
1. BBS Benetton BT-011 15×7 ET35 wheels
2. Solowerks Coilovers
3. BBS Italvolante tri-spoke steering wheel, re-wrapped in Harlequin colors
4. BFI GS2 Harlequin shift knob
5. Hella Magic Colors Green tail lights
6. Hella Magic Colors Green corner markers
7. Hella Magic Colors clear fender markers
Social Media: Instagram, Website

Owner comments: The one I couldn’t get away from! Long story short, this multi-colored beauty found me. More info on that available on my blog here. Plans for the near future include a 1.8T swap, Harlekin plaid wrapped recaros, and lots of ABT goodies. Feel free to give me a follow on Instagram or my website to stay up to date on the day-to-day. 🙂

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